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We have years of experience preparing and presenting horses in-hand. Let us help get your horses fit for breed shows and inspections.

2020 Southwest Dressage Breeders Championship

  • Champion Weanling (Only Diamonds SDSF, Sierra Downs Farm)

  • Reserve Champion Filly (Flying High, Sierra Downs Farm)

  • Champion Mature Mare (Letter Fly, Janet JeanPierre)

2020 USEA FEH Central Championships

  • Champion 4yr old (Dark Shadows d'Avalon, Marcella Pinell)

2019 Southwest Dressage Breeders Championship

  • Reserve Champion Colt (Baldhart WS, Live Oaks Lane)

  • Reserve Champion Mature Mare (Qrystal Cadence, Sierra Downs Farm)

2019 USEA FEH Central Championships

  • Champion 3yr old (Dark Shadows d'Avalon, Marcella Pinell)

  • Champion 2yr old (Baldhart WS, Live Oaks Lane)

2018 Southwest Dressage Breeders Championships

  • Champion Mature Mare (Sovereign WS, Live Oaks Lane)

2021 Season

Alita (Rhodium/Jazz/Contango)
Baldhart WS (Benicio/DeNiro/Furioso II)
Wyndsor (Wynton/SirGregory/Romanov)
IWyndsor (Wynton/SirGregory/Romanov)
Pumpkin Spice by Gaudi
Pumpkin Spice by Gaudi

2020 Season

Ella FEH Q 2020.jpg
Ella Jump 2020.jpg
Ella FEH Awards.jpg

2019 and Earlier

Sovereign WS
Dark Shadows d'Avalon
Qrystal Cadence SDSF
Sovereign WS
Baldhart WS
Qrystal Cadence SDSF
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